But….why would anyone shave their head??

In 2022, two amazing young Stummit-eers are putting their hair on the stage to raise money for Chelsea’s Closet. River and John will tell you all about their motivation and hopes for the shave this year, but we’ve also asked some past shavers to tell their stories!

This year, may be the last verse for the Northwest String Summit, but we will always have the lasting friendships, the love, the memories, and the kinship of kinfolk to bring us to the next chapter!

So check out these amazing people who have given so much to help bring love and laughter, dress up and play, to seriously ill children and their families. Here are their reasons!

John “I am shaving my head in honor of Lilli Trippe, to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and to raise money for an organization called Chelsea’s Closet, that donates costumes to terminally-ill young patients, to give them a chance to be kids, and not hospital patients, if even for a day.
When I first met Lilli, the first thing I noticed was her smile. Not the fact that chemo had taken her hair or that she had a tube. I noticed that despite all that she was dealing with, she was giggling, grinning ear to ear and twirling around in the grass just like any other kid her age. In times of hardship in my life, that smile still sticks with me. That’s why I am doing what I’m doing. What I am doing is not about me. All I am doing it getting up on a stage and letting someone take a razor to the locks I have been growing out since high school. What this is really about is helping terminally-ill children… and YOU! Without you, me getting my head shaved is just a spectacle. YOU give it meaning. With your support and whatever you can give (even $10 will make a difference), Chelsea’s Closet will be able to help give even more terminally ill kids the Lilli Trippe smile, and a chance to escape into the world of make-believe that kids so easily dive into.Even if (for some crazy reason) you won’t be able to make it Home to Hornings Hideout this July 16-19, you can still donate! Whether it’s $100 or $10, know that every little bit will add up to make a world of difference in the life of someone truly amazing. And when you hit that Donate button, I hope that YOU get that Lilli Trippe smile, even just for a moment.

River says “For as long as I can remember the highlight of my year has been getting to travel to my home away from home for a week each summer. In 2011 a little girl changed the dynamic of the entire festival. Sunday quickly became my favorite day of the festival, seeing all of the supportive people wearing pink and letting loose made me feel amazing. As a kid I never imagined that I would get a chance to be one of the people up on that stage getting my head shaved. When my parents did the head shave 4 years ago I no longer had a doubt in my mind that I would be doing it someday. Lilli Trippe has changed so many lives, and I know that she has touched my heart in a big way! The message of hope that is spread every year on frilly for Lilli day is more powerful than words can explain. Ever since that day I first heard Lilli’s story, I have tried my best to make a difference. All we really need is a little bit of hope.”