Hiding out at Home (feeling frilly )

This year, we sure wish we could be together at the Northwest String Summit. Recharging our collective spirits with dancing, celebrating, creating, shananaganing. Doing it all in one magical weekend, in one magical place….together. Sigh. But, we can do the next best thing…. being together, while being apart. And, while we’re at it, we can still do good things. Virtually being virtuous. This year the LIlli Trippe Memorial Shave will have TWO shavees. One remains a mystery! But I promise it’ll be good! The other, which we can’t include in the broadcast, is Brooklyn: she’s 12, she’s awesome, and she wants to shave off all of her hair to honor Lilli. Brooklyn says: “I’m 12 years old. I’ve known for a long time I wanted to grow my hair to one day donate, and NOW IS THE TIME! In honor of Lilli Trippe, I want to see if I can raise funds to help Chelsea’s Closet. My goal is to raise $500! Thank you for the donations” YES! Thank you. Thanks for the love, for the financial support, and for remembering Lilli. And THANK YOU Brooklyn for being so dang great.

Who is the mystery shavee? Well, you’ll just have to tune into the stream by purchasing a ticket here. All the proceeds from tickets sales go to help crew, artists and the String Summit team. If you can’t watch it, make sure to donate to Chelsea’s Closet! Let’s work together to bring hope and healing through dress up and play!

I’m not sure who this is…but they are about to be bald! Tune into the stream to find out!
Thanks Brooklyn!