May Day

May Day for the Love of Lilli

It all started with May Day for the Love of Lilli, and with Pastor Tim.

For every tradition, there is a watershed moment that catalyzes inertia into initiative. For most traditions, the moment isn’t finite and is not likely chronicled in the public domain.   But thanks to Facebook, the unexpected moment that the Lilli Trippe Memorial Shave came into existence was captured on December 17th, 2009.

Looking back, it seems incredulous that a simple Facebook post about a haircut could engender such a meaningful thing, but there it is. Pastor Tim, String Summit MC, Yonder Mountain Archivist, and dear friend decided to cut his spectacular mane and chimed in on social media to spur discussion.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.51.32 PM

Instead, it spurred an awesome tradition. In the end, Pastor Tim did more than shave his head, raise money for childhood cancer research, and donate hair…..he started this tradition. And he brought an endless amount of love and hope to Lilli. And he raised $8,500.

And now he’s going to do it again. String Summit, like most things, has been postponed until 2021. But that won’t stop us from joining together….to celebrate music, kinfolk, and family.

And while we all wish so hard that we were together, we get the next best thing: Celebrating together, apart. So this year, in line with the virtual Hiding out at Home broadcast – we are (of course) having a virtual shave. And we were thrilled when our first shaver, Pastor Tim, raised his hand to become our first virtual shaver. So tune in, donate here, and let’s keep bringing dress up and play to seriously ill kiddos.