Past Shaves

It has been almost six years since Lilli died. Not everyone remembers her. Some are new to our family and have never heard Lilli’s story. For others, details merge and memories fade. For Aaron and I, the memories are as raw and beautiful as ever. The Lilli Trippe Memorial Shave at the Northwest String Summit allows us to view Lilli’s life through a kaleidoscope of hope. We invite you to look through that kaleidoscope with us.  To remember each of the shaves, to celebrate the amazing people that have stepped forward to shave their heads, to share with you the memories, the hope, the love.

In the coming weeks, I will chronicle each of the shaves, starting with Pastor Tim and moving all the way to this year’s shave, Sandy Kaufmann. But I also want to share with you the reason why we shave. And honestly, I can’t say it much better than I did three years ago on Lilli’s Caringbridge page. Please read along with me over the next few weeks, relive these amazing moments, and donate to the Chelsea Hick’s Foundation.

We love you more than ever,

The Trippe Family Four

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