Remembering Peggy

Peggy Davis was a mom, a grandmother, an aunt, a daughter, and a sister. During Lilli’s fight, she was a fierce advocate for Lilli and did everything she could to make sure that Lilli’s life was easier, bigger, and more joyful. At a moment’s notice, Peggy would drop her whole life-her work, her kids, her husband- to travel to Oregon to support Lilli (and Lilli’s family) in their tumultuous journey.

She wished she could do this for every kid that had cancer. To make their lives easier, Peggy would shave her head to raise money for research and for play therapy to make that wish come true. (Check out the video of her explaining why she did it!)

Peggy was also my sister. I would be lying if I said that I could have made it through Lilli’s journey without her unwavering support and love. I loved her with all my heart-a day rarely passed where I didn’t call to ask her advice, to lean on her shoulder, to laugh with her about all the things that sisters laugh about.

This week, she suddenly left this world. Without warning, her heart gave out and we are all a mess trying to understand the whys and the what-should-have-beens. Her kids and her husband have asked that donations be made in her honor to a cause that was close to heart (and her scalp)! We love you, Peggy. We know that you are dancing with Lilli. We’ll see you there.