Northwest String Summit Lithocut By Vanessa Jo Bahr in black


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Northwest String Summit 2022

Available Thursday 9/29 at 10 AM!

Linoleum Block Relief Prints 22″ x 22″Edition of 25

These are handcarved, inked, and printed linoleum block relief prints, aka linocuts. Each one is an original print hand-pulled from the block. They are printed on high-quality 90lb. weight Legion printmaking paper in Kraft Brown using Hanco Lithographic Ink. All prints are signed by the artist and numbered out of a limited edition series of 25.
Since it was the last year of the festival, I wanted to portray the decay and reclamation of nature in a place that held such a life-changing and magical event for the last 20 years. The plants, mushrooms, and roots growing on the cracked mandolin serve as reminders that even though material things and places may fade away and degrade, our memories and love never will.
Easter eggs: Railroad track fretboard – Peacock skull resting on shelf mushrooms growing on tree stump – Hourglass and spade on the mandolin’s tailpiece – XX carved into the mandolin in honor of the 20th and final year of the festival – RIP in the mandolin headstock..
Vanessa has graciously offered these to support Chelsea’s Closet! All proceeds will be added to our grand total for this year’s shave! Thanks, Vanessa! Check out Vanessa’s other offerings here!. Also available in
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